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Rules of ladder tournament

    1) The ladder continues during the school year, including holidays.
    2) Children, who turn 15 during the calendar year of the ladder start, are eligible to participate.
    3) Applications through local Othello Federation, or, in case there is none, directly to the ladder organizers.
    4) No prizes. It's a friendly tournament, solely for fun.
    5) Initial ladder positions are determined by a preliminary Swiss tournament, 5 rounds. Any later entries will start at the bottom of the ladder.
    6) The ladder matches are challenge based.
    a) A player may challenge another player at a higher rung.
    * Rungs 2-5 can challenge up to 2 rungs above them.
    * Rungs 6-8 can challenge up to 3 rungs above them.
    * Rungs 9-15 can challenge up to 4 rungs above them.
    * Rungs 16 and lower can challenge up to 5 rungs above them.
    b) Upon registration every player should provide at least 2 options for scheduling his matches.
    c) Challenging player picks one or more options from those provided by the challenged player.
    d) Challenged player has to respond within 3 days. He has the following alternatives:
    * Accept the challenge (select the time if the challenger has picked more than one option).
    * Refuse the challenge. Refusal is penalized by dropping 3 rungs. No response within 3 days is considered a refusal.
    * Counter the challenge, proposing one or more schedule options provided in the challenger's profile.
    e) If the challenge was countered, the challenging player can either accept the counter challenge or refuse and suffer the 3 rungs penalty.
    f) Penalty for cancelling the challenge for either player: 4 rungs.
    g) Penalty for no-show: 5 rungs.
    h) If a challenged player suffers a penalty for any reason, but is still positioned above the challenger, the challenger moves one rung above the challenged player.
    i) A player may not challenge someone who he has played (or should have played) during last 10 days (for rungs 1-8) or 15 days (for lower rungs).
    7) Match rules:
    a) Matches are in best of 3 games format. In case of 2:0 third game is optional.
    b) Matches are played on, Reversi, "Tokyo" room.
    c) Table setup: 20 minutes per game, public, no undo.
    d) Higher ranked opponent picks the color for the first game. Color alternates in the subsequent game(s).
    e) After completing the match players should report the match result in their profile on ladder site. If one of the players has already reported the match results, the second player should confirm it or open a dispute with the organizers if there is an issue.
    f) While there is an open dispute both players cannot challenge and be challenged. False match report or false dispute may be penalized upon investigation by the organizers.
    g) If the lower rung player wins the match, he moves to a rung above his opponent.
    8) Every player is eligible for 2 two-week vacations during which he cannot be challenged.